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Paediatric Physiotherapy
This area assists children with a variety of acute ailments, including acquired or congenital conditions, delayed physical growth, and neurological diseases like cerebral palsy. Youngsters benefit from this treatment for their overall growth.
Pertaining to women's health Physiotherapy
Due to the numerous health difficulties that pregnancy may bring about, physiotherapy for women focuses mostly on the female reproductive system. It addresses prenatal and postnatal care, facilitates birthing, and aids with reproductive problems.
Geriatric Physiotherapy
As we age, our metabolisms slow down and lose their capacity to keep us in shape, which raises a number of health-related problems. We can maintain our physical fitness with the help of geriatric physical therapy. It supports maintaining mobility, treating persistent joint discomfort, addressing postures and limits, treating physiological illnesses, and boosting power and endurance.
Neurological Physiotherapy
This area of physiotherapy aids in the treatment of problems brought on by diseases of the nervous system or the brain, including Cerebral Palsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, aneurysms, spinal cord injury, and post-brain surgery rehabilitation. It also helps with coordination, motor control, and balance issues, including vertigo.
Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
The human musculoskeletal system, which consists of diverse muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments, nerves, and bones, is affected by a variety of flaws and diseases. Orthopedic physiotherapy addresses these issues. Correcting bone alignment, enhancing mobility, minimizing discomfort, and repairing soft tissue injury are the intended outcomes.

When someone is impacted by an injury, sickness, or handicap, physiotherapy aids in regaining movement and function. Additionally, it may aid in lowering your future risk of disease or damage. It adopts a wholistic strategy and actively incorporates the patient in their own care. Get the top therapist in Delhi by scheduling an appointment with us!

A qualified physical therapist will keep track of your development and determine whether you are improving in terms of strength, function, and range of motion. A normal physiotherapy program lasts around six to eight weeks since soft tissues typically require six to eight weeks to recover. Here at India’s Largest Network of Medical Coworking Clinics, we offer the best orthopaedic surgeons as well as physiotherapists all under one roof in Delhi NCR.

The most popular type of physical treatment is orthopaedic physiotherapy. It covers the widest range of topics. Orthopedic treatment is used by sports physiotherapists to treat sports injuries. Nevertheless, we advise anyone recuperating from procedures involving their muscles or bones to receive this kind of care.

Physiotherapy may help with a wide range of medical ailments, many of which are related to the bones, joints, nerves, and soft tissues. Achieve Physiotherapy specializes in helping people with a variety of ailments, including arthritis, sports injuries, prenatal and postnatal discomfort, back and neck pain, problems with the bones and joints, and problems that develop in the workplace.