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One of the most popular procedures for women is dilation and curettage, which is occasionally advised if: You have a miscarriage. You have unusual bleeding either before or after your menstruation. You now have or may soon develop cancer, fibroids, polyps, or other uterine issues.

A doctor or OB-GYN surgeon will conduct a D&C, which can be used to diagnose or treat gynecological problems. At Doctors Plaza, we have highly specialised gynaecologists from top hospitals who are practicing independently in our clincs.

During a laparoscopy, your surgeon can get a close-up view of your abdominal and reproductive system. It primarily serves as a diagnostic tool and the first step in treatment rather than addressing a problem directly. Laparoscopies are sometimes performed by surgeons to collect tissue for later testing or to accurately diagnose any conditions that may be present in your body. Women of all ages and backgrounds seek professional assistance for issues including fibroids and heavy menstrual bleeding. Sadly, some of their worries are downplayed or ignored. At Doctors Plaza, we have highly qualified doctors working independently with us around the clock.

A herniated disc impinging on a spinal nerve and causing sciatica is treated by microdiscectomy. A tiny incision is made in the low back during this procedure. The herniated disc pushing on the nerve can then be located and removed by the surgeon. In order to reach the spine from the side during LLIF, the surgeon creates a tiny incision on the patient's side, just beneath the ribs. As a result, the surgeon can execute a spinal fusion without affecting the spine's muscles.

If you need a conventional craniotomy, the procedure might take up to three to five hours. The procedure might take up to seven hours if you have an awake craniotomy. Pre-, peri-, and postoperative periods are included.